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How can FACTis BI solutions enable you to change the game?

With FACTis-BI, banks can deliver customer-centric, comprehensive banking with a real-time, 360-degree view to streamline and automate core banking operations and integrate finance, risk, and compliance processes. The solutions can help banks restore investor and customer trust, enable growth and digital banking, take out cost and complexity, and drive profitable sales of innovative products and asset classes.

What do FACTIS BI solutions help customers do?

Retail Banking Operations
Provide Analytical Reporting on multiple products, bundles, and packages.

Commercial Banking Operations
Streamline and automate commercial banking operations with flexible, agile processes.

Optimize financial processes and provide real-time financial, risk, and operational insights

Omni channel customer engagement
Deliver tailored and context-aware experiences and products with FACTis-BI Mobility

Key facts

  • +19% Customer Satisfaction When contact centers have formal processes for closing the loop with customers
  • +5.2% when sales management has a full view into opportunity history, milestones and decision makers*
  • Benefits

    What are the benefits?
    FACTIS BI solutions help consumer products companies:

  • Self service reports and dashboards tracking and monitoring sales performance by any dimension
  • Track sales figures versus budget in branches
  • Use predictive analysis to increase cross sell ratios
  • Self-service access to core banking data to slice and dice and drill to lowest levels postings
  • Timely operational reports on transactions, volumes and trends
  • Complete HR analysis and reporting in real time
  • Track and report retention, compensation information
  • Improve revenue and profits by acquiring and retaining high value customers
  • Financial and Profitability analysis
  • Why FACTis BI ?

    Why FACTIS-BI?
    FACTis Banking and Financial Services Intelligence Solution Performance indicators lead to a competitive advantage in banking domain.
    FACTis BI solutions help to improve customer acquisition, service, loyalty, and next-generation customer experience with increased agility, efficiency, and lower costs for true financial excellence.

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