FACTis – Cement and Concrete Intelligence Solution

How can FACTis BI solutions enable you to change the game?

FACTis BI solutions will provide detailed production information, synchronize the plant and machine related processes with business systems, enforce production process standards and drive best practice. The result is a complete, current overview of what’s happening with all the plant’s processes, from the production to the management level, and from the arrival of raw materials to the dispatch of finished goods. Such improved access to information helps management make better decisions and use resources more effectively. Ultimately this means being able to deliver products faster and respond to market requirements with greater agility.


What are the benefits?
  • Fast margin calculations for individual products and the marketability of different combinations.
  • A real-time view of sales and optimization of purchasing/supplies and production costs.
  • The ability to optimize the product portfolio to maximize margins and profitability.
  • The ability to drill down into the information to answer questions on their own
  • More effective control and management of production facilities to reflect changing market conditions.
  • Profitability analysis of finished products and their intermediate stages.
  • Better analysis on machine down time to increase the productivity.
  • Better production forecasting and planning.
  • Shows the Status of Incoming Orders, Shipped Orders and Backlog.
  • Shows the Real Time Shipping Status
  • Shows the Delivery Cycle Time.

Key Facts:

  • +19% Customer Satisfaction When contact centers have formal processes for closing the loop with customers.
  • +5.2% when sales management has a full view into opportunity history, milestones and decision makers.
  • Why FACTis BI ?

    Why FACTis BI?

    FACTis BI Solutionhelp to improve supply chain management, Production with increased agility, efficiency, and lower costs for true financial excellence.FACTis Intelligence Solution Performance indicators lead to a competitive advantage in Cement domain.

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