FACTis – Higher Education Intelligence Solution

How can FACTis BI solutions enable you to change the game?

FACTis BI solutions Higher Education Intelligence solutions operate on a unified and fully integrated platform to help institutions run better by improving constituent services in teaching, learning, and research. FACTis BI Higher Education Intelligence solutions enable institutions to reduce operational costs and complexity, deliver superior research results, develop alternate funding sources, effectively manage regulatory compliance, and establish full visibility and transparency of operational support.

  • Effectively monitor and analyze students performance in subject wise, class wise manner.
  • Measure, track teacher utilization and performance levels. Maximize faculty resource optimization. Achieve academic timelines and targets.
  • Increase student enrolments. Know demographics, categorization stats of your students.
  • Identify gaps in student interest in extra-curricular activities and drive your efforts in right direction.
  • Track student metrics: retention, graduation, etc.
  • Gain insight to financial and administrative aspects of research funding.
  • Manage research projects’ budget and resources.
What do FACTis BI solutions help customers do?

Students, teaching, and learning::

Offer compelling learning environments and manage the 360-degree student lifecycle by means of Analytical Dashboards.

Commercial and noncommercial research::

Drive an integrated platform to provide research efficiency and remove administrative burdens by doing the root cause analysis by Enterprise Intelligent Reports.

Education funding and income::

Increase insight into revenue generation, while curbing unnecessary tuition increases.


What are the benefits?

FACTIS BI provides a comprehensive solution set for higher education and research institutions that deliver superior functionality and service across the institution and constituency through :
  • Maximized cost-efficiency with flexible operating environments in the cloud or on-premise.
  • Empowered student self-service with a comprehensive and fully integrated management platform.
  • More-immediate results in research management through advanced analytics.
  • Effective and comprehensive management of risk and compliance.
  • Enhanced institution reputation and ranking.

Key Facts:

30% Cost reduction in operations when majority of processes are standardized.

71% more time on analysis when systems can support historic, current, and predictive analysis.

Why FACTis BI ?

Why FACTis BI?

FACTis BI Solution,leading indicators enable the performing institution to sustain education services and improve research. FACTis BI Analytical solutions help to Student retention, Administrative tasks for Researchers and Administrators, Costs of education and Student services, Enrollment capacity and Publications and citation analysis. Connect processes for a variety of industry value chains by integrating horizontal lines of business with higher education and research solutions on premise and through mobile devices.

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