FACTis – Hospitality, QSR and Travel Intelligence Solution

How can FACTis BI solutions enable you to change the game?

FACTis BI solutions Empower hospitality companies to unify all traveler and market data into one single view. Gaining hidden insights, anticipating customer behaviors, and making timely, intelligent decisions help firms engage travelers across all channels. FACTIS BI provides a leading-edge industry solution that covers all main front-office processes and operational needs of hotel chains using the FACTIS BI technology platform.

  • Identify your high-loyalty customers and support them with customer rewards programs.
  • Cross-market to different customer groups based on their behavior patterns.
  • Learn which products, schedules, and environments are favored by your top customers.
  • Monitor national, regional, territory – suite wise performance using dashboards and scorecards.

What do FACTis BI solutions help customers do?

Strategic demand management for hospitality::

  • Room Occupancy.
  • Analytics will guide decision makers for occupancy analysis of the different rooms on actual, targeted and variance on yearly basis.
  • Analytics will help to determine the occupancy in peak season and off-peak season.

  • Profitability Impact Analysis::

  • Analytics will guide decision makers for gross profit margin, operating profit margin, net profit margin and ROI on yearly basis.
  • Analytics will guide Management to identify the revenue and expenses for various services like banquets, conventions, weddings, etc.

  • Sales Performance Analysis::

  • Analytics will guide decision makers for sales of direct customers and corporate customers
  • Analytics will guide Management to identify region wise sales analysis.

  • Omni channel sales and service for hospitality::

    Turn sales strategy into action to engage customers like never before, exceeding expectations..


    What are the benefits?

    Solutions from FACTIS BI benefit hospitality companies by enabling through:

    • Improved data quality resulting in more accurate plans, budgets, and forecasts.
    • More efficient hotel chain management with a global, open, integrated solution.
    • Added insight by unifying traveler and market data into one single view.
    • Increased ability to anticipate customer behaviors through enhanced predictive analytic.
    • More engaged travelers through relevant, personalized offers delivered in real time.

    Key Facts:

    15% Customer churn where analytical methods are applied to customer relationships.

    13% Cost per interaction where multichannel communication optimizes customer service contact.

    Why FACTis BI ?

    Why FACTis BI?

    FACTis BI solutions connect processes for a variety of industry value chains by integrating horizontal lines of business with industry-specific solutions on premise and through mobile devices.

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