FACTis – Print & Media Intelligence Solution

How can FACTis BI solutions enable you to change the game?

FACTis BI solutions turns raw data about customers, competitors, products and promotions into compelling information to help Print & Media companies monitor markets and customer trends, acquire new customers and track partners, affiliates and competitors. FACTis BI solutions provide the information Print & Media companies need to make better more informed decisions in key business areas.

What do FACTis BI solutions help customers do?

Media Content Monetization::

Sell through multiple channels, reach digital audiences, and retain consumers of traditional media.

Audience Monetization::

SDeliver engaging customer experiences and targeted advertising.

Compelling content creation::

Keep a firm grip on high-quality content, while reducing the time and cost of content creation.


What are the benefits?

Customer Segmentation:

Combining data for diverse sources to gain meaningful correlations of customers segments will enable better target marketing and promotional campaigns, analyzing key demographics to identify potential cross-sell and up-sell opportunities and increase value of advertising opportunities for partners.

Customer Retention :

Monitor and track marketing and new customer acquisition campaigns for effectiveness, analyze and act to maintain subscription revenues, campaign metrics, expiring subscriptions, renewal rates and new wins.

Sales and Subscription:

Review and analyze forecast market potential and revenue of magazines, newspapers, and other media. Accurately predict subscription orders, sales for newspapers and magazines and monitor sales across distribution channels with detailed analysis of audience, reach, message and promotion.

  • Visualize market opportunities to enhance the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, stimulate the development of new analyses and help construct predictive scenarios.
  • Increase consultancy quality, presenting planning-relevant, client-specific information on ad campaigns in a Single-view dashboard.
  • Track campaign performance in an instant on desktop or mobile devices; analyze average selling prices of ads,ad traffic and demographics, and customer-preferred products for an up-to-date view on current campaigns.
  • Evaluate marketing data in a historical context, putting together ROI indicators by individual client requirements without recourse to IT.

Key Facts:

23% Lower inventory carrying costs where forecasts are dynamic and updated frequently.

70% Profitable trade spend among the top 25% of the highest performing consumer products companies.

Why FACTis BI ?

Why FACTis BI?

FACTis Print & Media Intelligence solution Performance indicators lead to a competitive advantage in Print & Media domain. FACTis BI solutions help to improve Net margin, Percentage of revenue from Advertisements, Time to market, Forecast accuracy analysis.

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