How can FACTis BI ® solutions enable you to change the game?
The empowered consumer has fundamentally changed retail. FACTis BI solutions help retailers simplify their business with a detailed understanding of their customers’ needs and the ability to serve them individually and seamlessly across all channels.

With FACTis-BI, you will be able to monitor the following:

Sales and Store Operations

Here are a just few ideas for in-store analysis:

  • Profitability analysis on the fly –
  • Search and identify appropriate control and sales data at Google speed for even the most complex analysis. Gain insight into the most complex data in Real time, performing sophisticated calculations and analysis on the fly with Self-Service BI.

  • Sales analysis –
  • Use FACTis-BI to access and analyze vast amounts of granular data, identifying sales performance on an item-by-item level. Then make real-time changes to promote low-performing items.

    Supply Chain

    FACTis-BI can help you keep a finger on the pulse of the supply chain:

  • Out-of-stock analysis –
  • Retailers need insights that illuminate specific supply chain constraints, workloads, and opportunities – at an aggregated level across the supply chain. Detect real and possible out-of-stock situations to improve service levels and increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

  • Consumer activity repository –
  • Enable new processes, including multichannel performance analytics and predictive analytics.

  • On-shelf availability analysis –
  • Use FACTis-BI to assess real time out-of-stock risk at the store level and analyze causes. Then act to solve service issues.


    Get granular insight, support ongoing promotions, and gain the ability to react in real time:

  • Affinity insight –
  • Improve merchandise and assortment decisions with more granular customer-type and channel-specific market-basket insights. Advanced basket analysis gives you a detailed understanding of individual transactions, with correlations to seasonal, weekly, and daily patterns.

  • Promotion management –
  • To optimize supply chain response and support ongoing promotions, even on a sub daily level, use real-time sales information and customer selection. Smooth sales across the day while increasing margins and maximizing cross-sales potential.

  • Perishables management and in store production –
  • FACTis-BI supports real-time processing of sales information and execution of what-if simulations to react to in-the moment sales patterns. Optimize in-store pricing and promotions for perishables, smoothing intraday demand, improving margins, reducing end-of-day write-offs, and maximizing shelf availability. Optimize pricing, promotions, and replenishment at the item and location levels.

    What do FACTis BI solutions help customers do?

    Customer-centric marketing and merchandising
    Analyze, plan, and optimize assortments, prices, and promotions based on your customer needs with consolidated information in Dashboards.

    Supply chain
    Fulfill demand flexibly across channels and optimize inventory, warehouses, and transportation.

  • Decrease inventory from reduced in-transit time
  • Reduce lead times, working capital requirements and inventory carrying costs
  • Reduce cost of capital on inventory, handling and distribution to improve top and bottom line growth
  • Perform root cause analysis to correct supply chain disruptions
  • Identify and replace poor, slow moving, obsolete inventory with profitable product mix and increase revenue opportunities

  • Human Resources
    Simplify HR processes, support talent development, and maximize employee engagement.

    Omni commerce customer experience
    Visibility across various retail channels (store, web, mobile, catalog, etc) to maximize promotional profitability .Deliver a relevant customer Experience anywhere, anytime.

    Take advantage of financial best practices and gain real-time insight into profitability. Analytics will guide decision makers for gross profit margin, operating profit margin, net profit margin and ROI on yearly basis.


    What are the benefits?
    FACTis BI solutions help retail companies increase revenue, profitability, and market share through:

  • Targeted assortments and relevant pricing and promotions that drive profitability
  • Efficient supply chains and supplier networks that help ensure a flexible supply at an optimum cost

  • Key facts


    Lower customer attrition with customer insights to measure and improve customer engagement*


    Lower stock-outs with real-time inventory visibility*

    Why FACTis BI ?

    Why FACTis BI solutions?
    FACTis BI Solution leading performance indicators enable the best to capture and sustain a competitive advantage in Retail. FACTis BI help to improve Comparable same store sales, Sales and transactions, per labor hour, Product cross-sell rate, On time delivery fulfillment, Sales performance by channel, Customer profitability analysis. Retail solutions from FACTis-BI, deliver unified and simplified software on a real-time platform that helps you understand your customers and then plan, execute, and monitor your business in real time.

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