Business Intelligence solutions can create a strong foundation for manufacturing companies to help them remain profitable through improving their operational and production efficiency and reach a wider customer base. It can help them recover undue expense drain through supply chain intelligence and reach manufacturing excellence through process analytics.

  • Increase the value of customer relationships
  • Respond quickly to changing markets and company sensitivities
  • Launch new products sooner
  • Reduce inventory investment
  • Improve planning, scheduling, and the procurement schedule
  • Maintain high quality standards
    • Track and move extensive inventories
    • Generate a greater number of products and maintain quality standards
    • Negotiate with numerous suppliers
    • Acquire, satisfy, and retain valuable customers.
    • As manufacturers deal with a complex array of daily issues, they can apply predictive analytics from business intelligence tools to enhance reporting capabilities, manage inventory, and improve the quality of goods.
    • By evaluating a combination of ordering patterns, inventory levels, and replacement parts pricing using BI tools, manufacturing organizations improve margins while maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction.
    • These policies help manufacturers achieve targeted customer service levels while minimizing ordering costs and inventory holding costs.
    • Drastically reduce the time required to produce management reports, and to provide ad hoc reporting and analysis capabilities for a range of business applications. This can save up to 90% of previously manual reporting time.
    • Reporting in a BI environment helps reduce the time required to produce management reports, and enables organizations to develop preformatted reports on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.
    • Manufacturers can use BI to monitor the quality of goods produced. With multidimensional analysis, manufacturing executives can drill down and quickly determine the causes of quality issues, enabling them to correct problems before products are shipped to customers.
    • BI helps increase customer retention through a better understanding of their demand behaviour and feedback
    • Operations and Supply Chain and Marketing Intelligence

    • Track operations performance across hundreds of metrics
    • Identify inefficiency in any business process including production, customer service, and order processing
    • Reduce working capital
    • Support initiatives such as Lean and Six Sigma
    • Forecast demand and align resources against delivery
    • Measure and managing vendor performance
    • Reduce stock outs and improve on-shelf availability
    • Analyze cost effectiveness of distribution centers
    • Supply Chain Intelligence provides a single view of your supply chain. Prepackaged dashboards, key performance indicators (KPI), analytics, and alerts help you zero in on the primary drivers behind supply chain processes – planning, procurement, manufacturing, logistics, and returns – so you can analyze and act to increase your supply chain efficiency.

    • By visually analyzing supply-chain issues and performance levels, management can reduce total expenditures and supplier risk, and ensure the on-time delivery of quality products.
    • Manufacturers face globalization, increasing competition, and highly demanding customers. Armed with BI and its analytics, they are better equipped to address both internal issues and external factors affecting their business.

    • Supply Chain Intelligence includes analytics that cover each area of the supply chain like

    • Plan Analytics, Source Analytics, Make Analytics, and Deliver Analytics.
    • These integrated analytics work together to deliver the insight required to increase synergy across the supply chain.
    • Supply Chain Intelligence incorporates the Supply Chain Council’s supply chain operations reference (SCOR) model. The SCOR methodology offers standard terminology, common metrics, associated benchmarks, and best practices for supply chain management.

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