FACTiS Business Intelligence

FACTis is a sophisticated business intelligence tool that helps you discover useful insight about any business which leads one to make well informed timely decisions.

FACTis has multiple features that makes it a robust & sophisticated tool for the business users.

Provides a dynamic BI Ecosystem by application of sophisticated BI features; accesses, interprets & plot the data in an analytical form, helping business extract valuable timely information. Thus its helpful to all functions within a business be it the Sales, Production, Finance, IT, Logistics or any other.

Empowers business users by having these Analytical reports & sophisticated Business Intelligence made accessible even while on the move, i.e. on mobile devices, laptops, tablets etc. This feature adds tremendously to the convenience, speed & performance of the Senior & Middle Level Management.

FACTiS Tally ERP Business Intelligence

  • Give Boost to Your Current Information Systems
  • Unlocking Access to Sophisticated BI Features
  • Multiple Level of Analytical Drill in Enterprise Intelligent Reports (EIR)
  • Doing Business The Smart Way
  • Create, manage and deliver reports anytime, anywhere via the Web
  • Closely Monitoring the Business Performance
  • Graphical Analysis for easy readability facilitating well informed decision making
  • Self Service BI


FACTiS for Microsoft ERP

FACTis – a MICROSOFT ERP BI Product rapidly connects with the Microsoft ERP datasource, extracts the relevant data to bring it to the Transactional Warehouse & provides better visibility throughout the organization to help the user know as to how the business is performing.

It creates a common, shared context that enables effective and collaborative decision-making.

  • Track financial, transactional and operational KPIs for real-time performance management
  • reducing the time to forecast
  • Combine and analyze data quickly and easily from Microsoft applications and non-Microsoft sources
  • Monitor key performance indicators through library of rich visualizations.
  • Perform Trend Analysis.


FACTis for Oracle ERP

The business user today requires speed, agility, cost effectiveness, and, precision to help himself keep up pace with the fast shifting market dynamics.

FACTis; by rapidly combining with Oracle eliminates the time, cost & complexity of extracting & analyzing data from the Oracle ERP. It enables the users to perform their own analysis even by combining the data from diverse business sources, to support users to take smarter decisions.



“Achieve successful business outcomes from anywhere and anytime. FACTis- a SAP ERP BI Product (BI Portal) is beyond web based application.”

By combining the power of FACTis, the SAP users can easily overcome the complexities involved in accessing and analyzing the data captured in SAP. SAP reporting and analytics lack flexibility, especially while handling the large data volumes, which negatively impacts the system performance. Also, SAP is relatively rigid when the users need to integrate data from non-SAP sources. But now with the power & agility of FACTis, SAP customers can increase the business value of their data for employees and business partners.


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