FACTiS for Oracle ERP


The business user today requires speed, agility, cost effectiveness, and, precision to help himself keep up pace with the fast shifting market dynamics.

FACTis; by rapidly combining with Oracle eliminates the time, cost & complexity of extracting & analyzing data from the Oracle ERP.  It enables the users to perform their own analysis even by combining the data from diverse business sources, to support users to take smarter decisions.

The users of FACTis-Oracle ERP BI Product benefit in a number of ways,

Unique capabilities are created which makes it possible to optimize Oracle ERP users business in ways previously unimaginable and increase the power of Oracle.

  • Analytically Enterprise Intelligence reporting will guide Oracle business users to track financial, transactional and operational KPIs for real-time performance management
  • Enables business users to analyze the data & reports with the speed of thought, thereby, reducing the time to forecast and make decisions which drive improved business performance.
  • Empower business users to self perform their own analysis and reporting with increased simplicity, reducing the IT support for BI by significant percentage.
  • Combine and analyze data quickly and easily from Microsoft applications and non-Microsoft sources (with or without data marts and data warehousing)
  • Implement or upgrade analytics for any existing Oracle users within days, not months

FACTis – a Oracle BI Product by way of its analytical, graphical reporting gives continuous visibility on day to day business working & highlight the important events happening company-wide.  It will let users have access to consistent real-time data that will improve company’s forecasting abilities as well as provide intelligence on how to redirect the business as needed based on recent events, customer relationships, product plans and market variations.

Get Access to Business Intelligence Hidden in Oracle Data

  • Create, manage and deliver reports via the Web. Supports Dashboards and Defines Key Performance Indicators.  Also facilitates cross functional reports & their automatic scheduling.
  • Customize your own Dashboard views. Supports multi-level drilldown facility, from dashboard view.  Reports exportable in different usable formats like the MS- Excel, PDF, HTML.
  • Monitor key performance indicators through library of rich visualizations.
  • Perform Trend Analysis; get Tickers and Scorecards with Alert facility. Enables Natural visualization and navigation for time and geo dimensions
  • Provides visual analysis that helps in faster & smarter decision making. Supports portability, as these dashboard views, reports can be viewed on hand-held devices like mobile phone, i-pads, tablets etc.
  • Compare the data easily from Oracle & Other Sources. Helps extract, analyze & forecast for future strategy making & business planning.
  • Administrator can create users and group and put users to any particular group. Business users can define different access levels to particular user and groups.
  • Is easily implementable, cost effective, thereby, helping business save extra dollars by doing away with the need to engage various additional resources like IT, Accounts, Coordination; to collect the data & run lengthy reports.

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