World-over today, the organizations have realized the importance of IT systems & they acknowledge the fact that how its sheer impact has changed the way we do business.

Tally ERP is one of the cost effective solutions available in the market but with it come certain limitations.  By combining the power of FACTis with Tally ERP, you can unlock the potential of your data by use of better visualization tools & sophisticated Business Intelligence features, to realize the maximum value of your investment made in Tally ERP.

Near perfect bundling with Tally.ERP9

FACTis – a Tally ERP BI Product has in-built ready to use KPI’s and analytical engines which have exclusively been designed For Tally.ERP9, by the FACTis team to cater to the critical needs of the business users and enhance the power of Tally.ERP 9.

This product helps Tally .ERP 9 users to track, monitor their day to day business performance, increasing the productivity, control the losses, take timely decisions to avoid any surprises across the organization through BI portal, Advance Analytics, scorecard, enterprise intelligence reports across various industry verticals on the top of Tally .ERP 9.

Give Boost to Your Current Information Systems

  • Get transferred to a Complete Web based Application for Tally. ERP 9 Users. It gives Single Point of Access of All BI Content in Unified Platform from Anywhere, Anytime
  • Multi Company Comparison Feature enablement where our sophisticated ETL Tool extracts data from the Encrypted File based DBMS to transform it into Relational Objects and further Load it into Relational Database Management System using ETL Logic.
  • Synchronization from Multi Location Tally Deployment in single RDBMS Database in BI System.
  • Transaction warehouse Database Design in such a way that can handle Multi Company wise multiple Grouping managed in Tally .ERP 9
  • Handle Multi Tally Customization in Transaction Warehouse for Masters and Vouchers.
  • History Preservation: Manage Data Conversion in single Company even if the Company is Split on every end of financial year.

Unlocking Access to Sophisticated BI Features

  • Business user can get the intelligent reports via mail using scheduling feature of BI Application
  • Calendar Based Scheduling in which the Business user can schedule the Report according to his convenient date.
  • Event Based Scheduling in which reports are scheduled one after another i.e. Collection report must be delivered in mail once sales report delivered.
  • Self Service BI: Removes dependency for creating Adhoc Analysis and Adhoc Dashboard view.
  • Dynamically generate data specific mail draft directly from Report. Example: Automatic reminder letter to customers, &/or, the collection department regarding overdue of bills for payment, using On- demand Mailing Facility.
  • Mobile BI for Actionable Intelligence: Take real-time actions from almost any smart Mobile devices using Annotation and voice notes in BI Contents.
  • Multiple Level of Analytical Drill in Enterprise Intelligent Reports (EIR).
  • Take Decisions from trend of Past to Improve today by using Historical Intelligence and Improve tomorrow by evaluating Operational Data of current
    using Operational Intelligence .
  • Enterprise Level Business Intelligence for Millions of SMEs and Micro SMEs Who are using Tally.ERP9
  • 360 Degree linked Coverage and cross functional information across Organization for Modules like, Sales, Purchase, Finance, Commercial, Inventory & Transportation etc.

Doing Business The Smart Way

  • Enterprise Intelligent Report Solution provides a suite of products to closely monitor and hence improve your business performance.
  • Create, manage and deliver reports anytime, anywhere via the Web.
  • Web and application services for customized report integration with portals and applications.
  • Web-based management tools for administration of Enterprise Reports.
  • Supports Dashboards and Defines Key Performance Indicators.
  • Create Cross Functional Reports. Enable automatic scheduling of reports.
  • Closely Monitoring the Business Performance
  • Dashboards drilled down to reports.
  • Graphical Analysis for easy readability facilitating well informed decision making.

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