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In today’s rapidly changing times and with increase in the pace the enterprises do business, there is a need for the industry to have trained & readily deployable workforce that carries the necessary skill set, having practical understanding of the situations & can start contributing with lowest latency time.

Quite evidently, to support the industry & its demands; the educational establi shments today shall have to be more and more responsive to prepare the students in such a manner that they are able to cater to the industry needs effectively .

Therefore, given the magnitude of the skill development challenge, the educational establishments are likely to face challenges right from mobilizing trainees, developing scalable content, ensuring the availability of trainers, making available appropriate technology, coordinating placement & industry linkages.

This is exactly where Euthenics intends to step in; by employing its years of experience through well groomed trainers, its practical education based content, by employing state of the art technology / tools & capitalizing on its strong industry linkages – we intend to bridge this divide to provide Industry ready work-force & create better opportunities for the students to be absorbed into the industry.

Euthenics IT Services Private Ltd is SAP Business Objects OEM Partner, first and oldest SAP Business Objects Training & Education Partner in India,and have trained more than 5000 end users and corporate professional and covered more than 70 corporate through its Instructor Led training(ILT) program and Instructor Led Virtual Classroom Training program (ILVCT) at Ahmadabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai, Pune and overseas clients at Australia, Canada, China, Bangladesh, Japan, New Zealand, Srilanka, USA,UK etc.

We have customized courses,considering the needs of different industries, which can help students and professionals establish themselves in practical environments.

We address the resources requirements of leading companies through providing them IT and non-IT professionals trained in business intelligence and supporting tech- nologies, to cover functional and strategic management requirements across all the horizontal and verticals.



Conventional training focuses only on user-level module understanding. Whereas our training is aligned with industry-specific, project requirements and train the participants in purview of project management principals. This greatly reduces the project-level failures that arise due to management-employee outlook gap.

The Euthenics’ Business Intelligence, Emerging technologies and management training edge comes from trainers experienced in

1.Business process oriented Business Intelligence modules’ hands-on knowledge

2.Product integration with .Net and Java applications

3.Business Intelligence implementation in various ERP/SCM/CRM environments like SAP, BAAN, JD Edwards, Oracle Apps, PeopleSoft, etc.

4.Training on different server environments like Solaris, Windows, HP-UX, Linux

The training is continuously optimized through analysis of industry and participant feedback through our training advisors having a rich experience across different industry domains. Professionals and students are educated for process level improvement through robust utilization of software applications than mere user level training.

Team-Euthenics banks upon thousands of man-hours and a team of business intelli- gence, industry, and institutional experts to ensure that the demands of a Corp- orate solutions and services delivery are effectively met. Services and solutions are designed and delivered in context of IT Services Management, Management of Risk, and PRINCE2 frameworks.

Course Content

Course Content


  • What is SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence platform.
  • BusinessObjects Enterprise Architecture.
  • Managing content and objects in SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence platform.
  • Securing users and groups in SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence platform.
  • Distributing content using scheduling and alerting.
  • Publishing and Publications.
  • Server Administration and Management.
  • Performance, Scalability & Sizing.

Information Design Tool

  • Understanding Business Objects Universes & Creating the Course Universe.
  • What is the Information Design Tool (IDT)
  • Create a project
  • Create a connection to a relational database (Single and Multiple databases)
  • Create the data foundation with Single & Multiple databases
  • Resolving Loops & SQL Traps.
  • Applying Restrictions on Objects.
  • Using @functions with Objects & Using Lists of Values.
  • Creating Derived Tables and Indexes.
  • Working with Aggregate Awareness.
  • Securing Universes.

Crystal Report

  • Crystal Report Overview & Selecting records
  • Grouping & section formatting
  • Creating basic and complex formulas
  • Using variables
  • Applying conditional reporting
  • Summarizing data with cross tabs
  • Drill down reports
  • Using repository data sources


  • Xcelsius Dashboard Overview
  • Creating Dashboards using Query As A Web Service (QAAWS) and Live Office
  • Create Drill Down dashboard reports
  • Producing interactive visualizations
  • Working with your Excel workbook
  • Visualizing data with charts
  • Using Xcelsius Components
  • Using themes and templates to apply formatting
  • Using Live Office data
  • Creating Complex dashboards

Design Studio

  • Design Studio Overview
  • Design Studio supports all 3 platforms: BI Platform, SAP NetWeaver, HANA
  • Design Studio supports UNX Universes, as well as BEx Queries, BW Cubes, and HANA data
  • Analysis Office and Analysis OLAP can automatically create Design Studio applications
  • Design Studio integrates with partner charting extensions
  • Design Studio is recommended by the German SAP User Group (DSAG)
  • Design Studio 1.4 supports real-time streaming via Sybase ESP, HANA, or BW
  • Design Studio 1.4 supports online dashboard composition by end users

Web Intelligence Report

  • Introducing Web Intelligence
  • Create reports using webservises as a Data source
  • Using complex filters & Report Design
  • Ranking data to see top or bottom values
  • Using alerters to highlight information
  • Understanding formulas and variables
  • Adding a new query using a personal data provider
  • Creating multiple queries in a document
  • Drilling into the data
  • Using additional report functions

Data Services

  • Defining Data Services
  • Defining Source and Target Metadata
  • Creating Batch Jobs
  • Troubleshooting Batch Jobs
  • Using Functions, Scripts, and Variables
  • Using Platform Transforms
  • Setting Up Error Handling
  • Capturing Changes in Data
  • Using Text Data Processing
  • Using Data Service (Integrator) Platform Transforms


  • Getting started
  • Acquiring data
  • Preparing the dataset.
  • Visualizing data
  • Sharing your story


  • Overview
  • Deployment
  • BI Launch Pad (InfoView) Integration
  • Auditing
  • Supportability
  • Explorer Search Integration in BI Launch Pad



  • BusinessObjects business intelligence (BI) solutions curriculum can help you: obtain clarity and insight into your data to make effective data centric business decisions, empower business users by providing them trusted information that will help them win in this economy, maintain operational sustainability and financial growth through improved streamlining of operations, and reduce BI TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).
  • SAP Business Objects BI solutions allow users to access, format, analyze, navigate, and share information across the organization. This curriculum comprises reporting, query and analysis, dashboards and visualization, and the BI platform – including search capabilities.
  • Business Objects BI solutions provide a single BI platform that enables your business users to make effective data centric business decisions.
  • Information Clarity and Insight-Empower your business users by providing them the ability to easily create ad-hoc queries and manage powerful data analysis to obtain deeper business insight regardless of your database platform complexity.
  • Reduce TCO -Business Objects BI solutions reduces BI TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) by providing a single, integrated, scalable, highly available, business intelligence enterprise platform with service oriented architecture (SOA).
  • Effectively Streamline Business Intelligence Operations -Implementing Business Objects BI solutions better streamlines your business intelligence operations by improving the business user information request process. Your IT department should spend less time intercepting and interpreting information request. Allow your users to define information requirements, create queries, analyze and share information with less reliance on IT.
  • Maintain Long Term Operational Sustainability and Financial Growth-Business Objects provides a framework of data extraction and analysis that helps business leaders make data centric managerial decisions that will help improve the bottom line and maintain operational stability and efficiency over the long term.

Industry Opportunity

Industry Opportunity

  • Skill-sets development and training in Business Intelligence and Emerging Technologies
  • Our differentiate lies in providing only potential training to perform from right from the first day at work
  • Fulfilling immediate project-based requirements
  • Training your organizations’ professionals as per their skill set requirements for different projects
  • Providing cross-domain training to developers and project manages in .Net, Java, etc. integration with Business Intelligence suites, Data warehousing & ETL, Data Integration, Migration, System Integration
  • Providing software developers having domain proficiency for your organizations’ projects and in-house requirements
We customize courses considering the needs of different industries, which helps students and professionals establish themselves in practical environments. These courses are keenly designed to cover all important skill sets and to reduce training cycle.

Our tie-up with leading IT companies in providing BI professionals offers great job opportunities to young professionals and career re-profiling to experienced professionals.

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