BI Migration

A Business Intelligence migration is a term that can be used to cover a number of things. It may cover the migration of data from a legacy system to a new database system, it may cover the migrating of data and reports from one Business Intelligence system to another, or it may even cover the merging of two corporate systems into one system (possibly during a merger).

BI migration, it will necessitate a good, clear migration plan. In the vast majority of cases, a Business Intelligence migration plan should start with a review of what you have (the old system) and where you want to go (the new system). This is important as you may need to perform a comprehensive mapping exercise. The mapping exercise is a critical point in the migration planning exercises. Incorrect mappings will lead to incorrect data, which in turns leads to users losing interest in your Business Intelligence solution.

Every organization embarks on migration initiatives from time-to-time for different factors. Some of the common scenarios are:

  • Moving to newer legacy platform/ application, resulting in data migration
  • Migration from one BI/ETL tool to another
  • Version upgrades of BI/ETL tool

Looking to migrate to new technologies in the most predictable, cost-effective manner?

FACTis team can map the capabilities of your new technology to those provided by your legacy tools. We analyze your current implementations, categorize and organize your platform, metadata, and reporting/analysis objects that will help us define migration paths and identify migration risks.

Finally, we create a migration plan that you can implement, we can implement, or we can create a plan that combines our two teams. This flexibility allows your IT staff to focus on the high value-add tasks you select while cost effectively outsourcing the repetitive work.

Euthenics solution can connect and transform disparate data sources into one scalable enterprise data platform. We can help you access data in trapped in SAP, OLE DB, text files, and other common sources. Business Intelligence tools go through generational changes in their efforts to leapfrog each other. Such changes can be challenging to understand in terms of their implications to your existing BI environments and investments.

Part of our service is we educate our clients on the underlying technology changes and advise them on migration paths to newer technology versions or even to different BI platforms.

Our BI Migration services are deployed in three phases;

  • The Planning Phase consists of an initial briefing session to identify resources, understand migration objective, set expectations, and scope and collect documentation.
  • The Analysis Phase provides an assessment of your environment that includes the existing performance and capacity of your infrastructure and architecture, along with data migration objects. This phase provides recommendations and go-forward strategies that identify options to achieve your business objectives.
  • The Implementation Phase uses methodology that features proven tools, guidelines, templates, techniques, and role definitions for the activities, tasks, and deliverables in each of the remaining phases. Euthenics has developed different implementation roadmaps that align with the configuration and deployment procedures that are necessary for the product line your company selects

Simply upgrading to a new version of your current technology?

Let us turn this from a non-value-added task to a high-value task. Our approach to upgrading entails evaluating the manageability, usability, stability, scalability, performance and unnecessary redundancy of your existing systems. This small addition to your upgrading investments will pay large ROI dividends.

Our Team

Euthenics is exclusively focused on Business Intelligence & Data Warehousing. It offers implementation services, support services, education. Euthenics is fully committed to customer satisfaction in all services that we deliver. With large number of successful deployments of EPM & BI, our team possesses one of the largest pools of BI & Data Warehousing experts in the industry.

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