How can FACTis BI solutions enable you to change the game?

FACTis Telecommunication Intelligence Solution enable communications service providers to successfully navigate the industry transformation that is occurring by helping them to deliver a superior customer experience, contain costs, and begin to generate substantial revenue from new business models.

What do FACTIS BI solutions help customers do?

Customer segmentation and profiling

With TMiS solutions, marketing professionals can obtain deep insight into customer demographics and behavior. This enables them to create, visualize, and manage customer segments resulting in more accurate marketing campaigns and an improved ability to target Customers.

Sales excellence

Sales analysis enables companies to measure revenues, volumes, and margins from an unlimited number of different dimensions such as geography, time, and product category.

The intelligent grid

One of the biggest challenges facing Communication companies, particularly in the mobile sector, is how to lower high levels of customer churn. Relatively small increases in customer loyalty can deliver large increases in profitability. TMiS can identify the patterns that can precede customer churn, allowing businesses to pinpoint customers who are most likely to leave and take appropriate action in advance.


What are the benefits?
FACTis BI solutions help telecommunications companies transform their business to keep up with market changes and new competitors through:

  • A customer-centric focus to retain current and attract new customers in competitive markets
  • A streamlined experience across all channels and devices with personalized customer views
  • Cost containment for profit retention
  • Revenue growth from nontraditional communications services
  • Leveraged data assets for more customer intimacy, business visibility, and increased revenue
  • Key facts

  • 28% Reduction in customer churn rate1
  • -3,000% Query process time
  • Why FACTis BI ?

    Why FACTIS-BI?
    FACTis BI Solution for leading performance indicators enables the best to capture and sustain a competitive advantage in Telco. FACTis BI solutions help enable the digital world through co-innovation on new business models and with industry-specific solutions deployed on premise, in the cloud, and through mobile devices, Improve Increase customer satisfaction, Lower customer churn, Higher customer profitability analysis.

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